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Author: Tribe2 Admin

20th July 2020

Top Tips for presenting online

You’ve spent a long time perfecting your content, don’t let bad production let you down… SETTING Clean & clear… or deliberately diverting? Consider your backdrop – either for a consistent visual message to provide branding for your company or sponsors – or simply for a more professional look. Don’t be afraid to add personality though!…

18th March 2020

Dear Friends

Dear Friends These are challenging times for us all. We want to shout out to all those people who have been brave and taken to their keyboard to address isolation, fear, the absence of income, the impact on their industry and the threat to our way of life. So many stories, honest and inspiring are…

26th January 2020

Stream USA 2019 – Discussions + Workshops

WPP Stream 2019 saw a range of discussions and workshops, all proposed, hosted and curated by the guests themselves. This is the key component of an unconference, and as always, there was no agenda – simply 3 empty, giant day planners, we call the ‘Big Boards’. Guests clamoured to gain a spot for their topic…

26th January 2020

Stream USA 2019 – Music & Art & Tech

A great unconference is all about balancing what guests see and hear, with what they say and create. Art & Tech feature always strongly in the content at Stream, it’s there to inspire and challenge guests to start talking and making. WPP Stream USA 2019 saw a great range of art, music and tech that…