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Category: Unconference

26th January 2020

Stream USA 2019 – Discussions + Workshops

WPP Stream 2019 saw a range of discussions and workshops, all proposed, hosted and curated by the guests themselves. This is the key component of an unconference, and as always, there was no agenda – simply 3 empty, giant day planners, we call the ‘Big Boards’. Guests clamoured to gain a spot for their topic…

26th January 2020

Stream USA 2019 – Music & Art & Tech

A great unconference is all about balancing what guests see and hear, with what they say and create. Art & Tech feature always strongly in the content at Stream, it’s there to inspire and challenge guests to start talking and making. WPP Stream USA 2019 saw a great range of art, music and tech that…

15th January 2020

Stream USA 2019: A new home

We found a new home for Stream USA 2019 – the WPP unconference was held at the striking new Farmhouse at the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa. This beautiful, rustic barn, set against the Topa Topa mountains, is set within Mediterranean style planting, complete with an outdoor fireplace, vegetable gardens and a striking lawn for…

21st December 2017

The inspiration and learning at live events must live on!

Traditional events involve a largely passive delegate presence; one-way communication from the stage with the audience as passengers. Although initially engaged, after a relatively short time the audience may start to shift restlessly, check their phones, look around the room and become disengaged. No matter how spectacular the content, a more participative dialogue between speaker and…

1st December 2017

WPP Stream in Ojai

Our second Stream USA took place on the 15-17 November, in the beautiful resort of Ojai California. Our tireless crew built a teepee village, set up workshops, cajoled and encouraged participants from the US and beyond. The luminary panel included, TBone Burnett; Poo Bear – who sang a debut of ‘ Gone but not Forgotten’ with…

13th November 2017

Open source events are the key to promoting dialogue and innovation

Conference fatigue is a real thing. The brightest and best talent, speakers, sponsors and partners… so many conferences… another industry gathering, more PowerPoint, another impressive keynote for the hottest new entrepreneur. Sigh. Change it up! Creating an inspiring and open environment encourages participation and better interaction, which leads to productive dialogue, learning and innovation. When…