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A launch event sharing the power of digital as a platform for the arts.



Creating a launch event that would generate publicity and share the power and potential of digital as a platform for the arts.

HackTheSpace Tate Modern

The Space is a ground breaking arts council England and BBC initiative to enable and promote digital creativity. For it’s launch, be-good designed and delivered the first ever overnight event in the imposing Turbine Hall of the Tate Modern.

The event embraced a ‘show, don’t tell’ strategy, hosting 140+ hackers who worked throughout the night, using data to create thought-provoking art; demonstrating the true value and purpose of The Space.

The audience comprised three distinct groups: press, public and dignitaries, whilst the participants included some of Hollywood’s greatest SFX specialists and direct involvement/backing artists, including Ai Weiwei and Olafur Eliasson.

The Space had to launch with seamless perfection in the gaze of press and public, throughout the 36 hour event.

be-good successfully united many stakeholders and contributors in the lead up to the event, and ensured that the original brief was fully answered: to communicate the value and purpose of The Space in a way that led to huge press and public interest.


be-good specialise in deconstructed live events that reflect your values and bring people together to contribute and do more than listen. The future of audience participation is a collaborative environment where people feel relaxed and empowered to be creative and solve problems together. This egalitarian approach removes barriers and delivers game changing results.

Talk to us, we will transform your next event.

Tim Berners-Lee

Artists wake us up to all that happens in the world, The Space can make that happen on the web.

Inventor of the World Wide Web. Co-founder, Open Data Institute
Ruth Mackenzie

A huge thanks to you and all of your team for such amazing work. You are absolutely brilliant - and all of your team were unfailingly helpful, positive, calm, kind, thoughtful, supportive, and incredibly efficient - I am so impressed and so grateful to you all.

Director, London 2012 Cultural Olympiad and Launch Director, The Space
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