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“One of the Fantastic Events You Never Knew Existed”


Creating a brand experience that stands out so much you can read about it in Tatler

Stream Cannes Lions

The Cannes Lions International Festival showcases the best talent and thinking in the creative industry. As consistent Golden Lion award winners WPP maintain their place at the forefront of the creative conversation. Stream Cannes brings together tech and media business leaders with the world’s top CEOs and CMOs. This select group of delegates are taken by speed boat over to a protected island in the Bay of Cannes. By special arrangement with the Cistercian monks of the Abbey, they experience a wonderfully calm and inspiring zone in which to ‘be themselves’ and enjoy a frank exchange of insights and ideas with peers.

WPP charge be-good with curating the environment and tone for this event, meeting the highly exacting requirements of a discerning audience. Year after year, be-good assemble expertise on the ground, a network of trusted partners and local knowledge to produce a disarming and inspiring day for global leaders. They carefully calibrate the interplay of space and content. Speakers for Stream Cannes have included Jack Dorsey (CEO, Twitter), Jeff Weiner (CEO, LinkedIn), Marissa Mayer (CEO, Yahoo), Gwyneth Paltrow (GOOP), Matthew Weiner (Creator, Mad Men), Dick Costolo (former CEO, Twitter), Katharine Viner (Editor-in-chief, The Guardian), David Karp (Founder, Tumblr), Nassim Taleb (Author, The Black Swan) and Shane Smith (CEO, VICE), among others.

Delegates have described Stream Cannes as ‘escapist networking’ with ‘inspiring content and interesting people’ in an ‘intimate’ setting. This invitation-only event has become a highly sought-after invitation of the Cannes Lions week.

Tatler named Stream Cannes Lions as one of the ‘Fantastic Events You Never Knew Existed…’ that’s ‘both an honour to be asked, and invigorating to listen to the talks…’.

Stream in Tatler!

be-good specialise in deconstructed live events that reflect your values and bring people together to contribute and do more than listen. The future of audience participation is a collaborative environment where people feel relaxed and empowered to be creative and solve problems together. This egalitarian approach removes barriers and delivers game changing results.

Talk to us, we will transform your next event.

Zaid Al Qassab

Entertaining, informative, inspirational, enjoyable, mind-opening

 Scot McLernon

Timely, enlightening, thoughtful, different and relevant

Brent Hoberman

Intimate, select, smart, premium blend

Founders Forum
Kathryn Strong

A highly enjoyable day; hot talent equals lively discussion

Anna Bateson

Escapist networking with quality content

Ali Dib

The premier event at Cannes

Jon Steinberg

Stream has been integral to my education in this business

The Mail Online
Keith Weed

Inspiring content, intimate, interesting people

CMO, Unilever
Miles Ward

Things created are reflections of their creators, and the events that be-good create reflect the enthusiasm, cleverness and big hearts of the be-good team. Anyone can throw a party, but to create a moment, a real Big Bang where ideas, connections and lasting memories cut through the fog of everyday is an amazing, unique thing. be-good makes it look easy!

Head of Cloud at Google
Jonathan Mildenhall

…my favourite event of the Cannes Lions week…The best Cannes Lion learning experience

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“Escapist networking with quality content.”

“Escapist networking with quality content.”

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“Escapist networking with quality content.”
Creating a disarming and inspiring environment for ideas to flourish.

Creating a disarming and inspiring environment for ideas to flourish.

View Project
Creating a disarming and inspiring environment for ideas to flourish.
Supporting Tutu Foundation UK

Supporting Tutu Foundation UK

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Supporting Tutu Foundation UK