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26th January 2020

Stream USA 2019 – Music & Art & Tech

A great unconference is all about balancing what guests see and hear, with what they say and create. Art & Tech feature always strongly in the content at Stream, it’s there to inspire and challenge guests to start talking and making.

WPP Stream USA 2019 saw a great range of art, music and tech that challenged, entertained and excited guests:

MUSIC: Industry legends to breakout TikTok stars:

  • Wayne Coyne: the brilliant lead singer The Flaming Lips, one of the most respected rock bands of the 21st century who spoke on creating experiences people care about.
  • Joe South: rapper and songwriter, scouted by Instagram, whose poppy rap sounds like he’s been a commercial artist for decades;
  • Spencer X: New York beatboxer TikToker with 30m YouTube views, 20m Tiktok likes and 17m Tiktok followers;
  • Sam Harris lead singer of rock band X Ambassadors whose 2015 album was platinum-selling, with 10million monthly listeners on Spotify;
  • Jingle Jared music producer and one half of Bear and a Banjo who, along with Poo Bear, write for Justin Bieber among others.


TECH: Hologram Houston to self-driving cars

  • Roborace: Guests climbed onboard this electrically powered racing car and felt the wind in their hair as it car navigated without any human intervention. Roborace is the world’s first racing series for humans and artificial intelligence.
  • Twitch 4D Gaming: The world’s leading live streaming platform for gamers provided an articulated platform allowed guests to experience a 4D simulator, throwing them around each corner and over each bump. Challenging their senses via scent, wind, water and CO2 explosions.
  • Whitney Houston Hologram: We were privileged to be among the first to view this unique, non-replicable holographic production described as a ‘dynamic, awe-inspiring, larger-than-life experience‘ and the performance included a live 10 piece band.

ART: ‘Real’ old masters & a real old printing press

  • Verus Art Prints – ‘Real’ masters: Arius Technology has developed ultra-high-resolution 3D scanning technology that minutely and accurately records the surface colour and geometry of paintings and art objects. It replicates even the craquelure and individual hair brushstrokes of paintings to create ultra-realistic copies. On display at Stream USA 2019 were exact copies of ‘Iris‘ by Van Gogh, ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’ by Vermeer, ‘Pewit Flycatcher‘ by Audubon and ‘I am Time’ by Deb Chaney. The pieces were indistinguishable from their originals, creating very tangible, emotional responses from viewers; and making them question what constitutes the real value of art.
  • The Letter-press Printing Wagon: On the final day, a fully working, traditional hand printing press rolled up and produced prints live for guests from its beautiful press and decorated wagon.


be-good specialise in deconstructed live events that reflect your values and bring people together to contribute and do more than listen. The future of audience participation is a collaborative environment where people feel relaxed and empowered to be creative and solve problems together. This egalitarian approach removes barriers and delivers game changing results.

Talk to us, we will transform your next event.

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15th January 2020

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Stream USA 2019: A new home
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Content & Casting for Interaction.

Content and casting is key in creating truly lasting events

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Content & Casting for Interaction.
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Less is more. Simplicity & Sustainability at Cannes Lions 2019

Simplicity & sustainability at Cannes Lions 2019

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Less is more. Simplicity & Sustainability at Cannes Lions 2019
8th January 2019

The Partnership on AI “Bringing together diverse, global voices to realise the promise of artificial intelligence”.

Bringing together diverse, global voices to realise the promise of artificial intelligence. The Partnership on AI, which was established to study and formulate best practices on AI technologies, to advance the public’s understanding of AI, and to serve as an open platform for discussion and engagement about AI and its influences on people and society. be-good…

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WPP Stream 2018 Unconference – Gravity Man, Kayaks, Ikigai, Avocados, Puppets, Huel & more….

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WPP Stream 2018 Unconference – Gravity Man, Kayaks, Ikigai, Avocados, Puppets, Huel & more….