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2nd December 2016

How we unconference. Build it all up, to break it down again.

I have only two rules which I regard as principles of conduct. The first is: Have no rules. The second is: Be independent of the opinion of others.

Albert Einstein

With warm greetings to accompany the growing curiosity, all devices are face down and face to face conversation is flowing. The scene, the tempo, the atmosphere are set.

Let the disruption commence.

We look for ways to mix people and conversations up, through organised chaos, intrigue and delight. As each hour of entertaining dialogue unfolds, so too does the understanding of the unconference spirit and the willingness to let go of formality and fear. The more unusual activities happen and the conference agenda grows, filling with questions posed and ideas shared…

You’re relaxing by the beach, talking to the CEO of a startup – when a giant package lands on your lap. Wait… what? Who threw that? What is it?! It’s PASS THE PARCEL! Open it up! Pass it on! Talk to the recipient; take a picture of your gift, share it.

On your way to a discussion, a watermelon explodes as it succumbs to its final elastic band – cue much mess and mirth – and snacking, until you hear a guitar riff. It’s the Stream delegate band in rehearsal – you want to join in, so you just do. team be-good get you mic’d up an onstage – later you’re the star of the show. X Factor who needs it?
And now it’s late, other guests are relaxing poolside with a nightcap; but you’re in chef’s whites, sweating it out Gordon Ramsey style, in the hotel kitchens alongside 20 other delegates. Cooking up a storm of weird and wonderful food from delegates’ homes around the world. Then an epicurious hoard to descend at midnight and share in their fellow participants fare and talk some more…

Oh come on! What is that? Why is someone holding a life size pink flamingo and a croquet bat?… and a rabbit? …and a hedgehog…?! What the hey was in my midnight snack? Is that Mr Thing, CTO of Thingy Corp? But he’s laughing, and so am I, and now we’re discussing the dilemmas of parenting in the digital age.

HELP! THE BEACH IS ON FIRE! Run away from… No! Run TO the beach!! Amazing bonfires built by guests are lighting up the night sky and here we all are, together drawn to the oldest and truest hack of all. Fire. Our faces glowing with heat and flame and energy. High above it’s all being filmed by an aerial drone…  but you won’t need to see the film, you won’t forget tonight or anything you learn at an unconference.


We love unconference format. It’s the most dynamic, effective and human way to engage the people our clients need to reach… And they get so much more in return. We work hard to make the magic happen, to facilitate participation, but ultimately unconference attendees offer all of their talents to create something truly bigger than the sum of it’s parts.

That, and of course, a little sprinkling of the be-good fairy dust…

The Stream events organised by be-good are magically different from almost all other conferences I attend.

Rory Sutherland, Vice Chairman, Ogilvy Group UK

Hey presto.

Things created are reflections of their creators, and the events that be-good create reflect the enthusiasm, cleverness and big hearts of the be-good team. Anyone can throw a party, but to create a moment, a real Big Bang where ideas, connections and lasting memories cut through the fog of everyday is an amazing, unique thing. be-good makes it look easy!.

Miles Ward, Head of Cloud at Google

I am so aware of the generosity, love and kindness you bake in to everything we do. I wish I could bottle it because it is the stuff that makes life worth living. I can’t wait to carry on working with you….’

Ella Keiran, Director of Stream

‘Must Experience Before You Die’ kind of thing

Rashmi Rammohan, Asia Lead – Digital & Media Insights Practice, P&G

What a weekend, I had an amazing time and I wanted to thank you from the heart for allowing me to take part. The tone you set for the event is apparent even from the airport in London, when fellow Streamers start to make introductions before we board the plane. Within 5 minutes of picking up my badge on arrival, I was signed up to help with a talk, singing Beatles tunes and feeling well and truly part of things. It is very hard for me to go to events where I am not working! I am actually quite shy and it’s easier to hide behind work. But at this event, I couldn’t have felt more at ease. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. The content was interesting and truly discussion led, and the social elements were unforgettable. So thank you so much, I learned a tremendous amount and think what you’ve created is very special indeed.

Amy Brown, Head of Events, Google EMEA

I’m loving it, it’s the best thing I’ve ever been to and I normally bloody hate conferences!”

Mark D’Arcy, VP, Chief Creative Officer, Facebook Creative Shop 

It was by far the best conference I’ve been to since the Chelmsford Warhammer Convention in 1994.

Mark Adams, Senior VP, Vice

Tried finding a boring person during the conference; happy to say I failed.

Doug MacDonald, Head of Digital Marketing, Qatar Airways

I haven’t enjoyed something this much, or learnt so much in a two day period for a decade.

Richard Brooke, Media Operations and Strategy Director, Unilever

I’d return in a heartbeat,”

Bill Prince, GQ

Stream out-Googles Google events in creating a fantastic, informal environment for sharing ideas and connections

James Rosenthal, Google

be-good are experts in the unconference format. They have been producing the WPP Stream Global and Asian unconferences since their inception 2007.

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The ballet of WPP Stream. Robert Lang’s view of our unconference.
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WPP Stream Global 2016

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Why do we work? Your employees are your consumers and they value experiences.