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Indie band Walk the Moon played at the Microsoft party

Cannes Lions 2015 – Sarah’s daily blog for Event magazine.

Disruption in More Ways Than One 

Day three of my Cannes experience raised some unexpected encounters… more fun, creativity and inspiration – and a little disruption of the not so inspiring kind.

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Cannes Lions 2015 – Sarah’s daily blog for Event magazine.

Activation and Participation at the Lions

A calmer sea and welcome cool breeze greeted early risers in Cannes this morning. The Lions are no doubt enjoying morning coffee whilst reflecting on the many stunning events hosted in Cannes last night.

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Cannes Lions 2015 – Sarah’s daily blog for Event Magazine

The personal experience comes out on top at Cannes

In a crowd of thousands, it’s still the personal experience that comes out on top, says Sarah Baldock, CEO and founder of be-good, who is blogging live from Cannes Lions this week for Event.

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Apple Watch

If the tech fits, wear it.

Wearable technology for events?

The recent launch of AppleWatch has created a media frenzy, ranging from classic fanboy adoration to outright rage at the price (starting at a mere £299). With news that Tag Heuer will be launching an Android watch in time for Christmas, brand partnerships are likely to be gaining momentum. But in all the furore it’s easy to forget that wearable technology is not just about watches. From sleeping bags to bras, skirts to sunglasses, the Internet Of Things is no longer the domain of tech mavens, it’s becoming mainstream. Read more…

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  • cannes
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Stream and YouTube at Cannes 2015

be-good are heading south to the French Riviera. It’s time for Cannes Lions 2015 and our exciting programme of digital thought leadership events for WPP and YouTube.

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Up Periscope!

We are very excited about the new app ‘Periscope’.

But what is it? Well, Periscope let’s you use your phone to broadcast live, from anywhere. You connect directly with your audience, feel their presence and interact with them.

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Looking back at a great Stream Year 2014, lovely designs for thoughtful content.



Super proud to be shortlisted for ‘Best Production Team’ at the EPA Awards 2015!

Best. Crew. Ever.

  • Stream-Asia-2015---relaxing
  • Stream-Asia-2015---Art---man
  • Stream-Asia-2015---Art---man3
  • Stream-Asia-2015---Art---pink
  • StreamAsia2015---Art
  • Stream-Asia-2015---Art---writing-lady
  • Stream-Asia-2015---Art---writing
  • Stream-Asia-2015---Art
  • StreamAsia2015---Art---xxx
  • StreamAsia2015---Extravaganza---Band8
  • StreamAsia2015---Extravaganza---4
  • StreamAsia2015---Extravaganza9
  • StreamAsia2015---Extravaganza-copy
  • StreamAsia2015---Extravaganza---2-singers
  • Stream-Asia-2015----extravaganza-band
  • StreamAsia2015---Extravaganza---Miles
  • _DSC0265_2
  • _DSC0296-2
  • Stream-Asia-2015---Party---Kirsty
  • Stream-Asia-2015---Party6
  • Stream-Asia-2015---Streamers10
  • Stream-Asia-2015---Streamers11
  • Stream-Asia-2015---Streamers7
  • Stream-Asia-2015---Streamers9
  • Stream-Asia-2015---Streamers---Jax-Miles
  • Stream-Asia-2015---streamers-xx
  • Stream-Asia-2015---Streamers8
  • Stream-Asia-2015---streamers-y
  • Stream-Asia-2015---Streamers
  • Stream-Asia-2015---Streamers2
  • Stream-Asia-2015---Streamers3
  • Stream-Asia-2015---Streamers4
  • Stream-Asia-2015---Streamers5
  • StreamAsia2015---Party3
  • StreamAsia2015---Party2
  • StreamAsia2015---Party-x-&-xxxx
  • StreamAsia2015---Party-wine
  • StreamAsia2015---Party---xxxx
  • StreamAsia2015---Party-x-&-x
  • StreamAsia2015---Party-xxxxx
  • StreamAsia2015---Party-xxxx
  • StreamAsia2015---Party
  • StreamAsia2015---Party-xxx
  • StreamAsia2015---MCM2
  • StreamAsia2015---MCM---x
  • StreamAsia2015---MCM---prawn
  • StreamAsia2015---MCM---asdf
  • StreamAsia2015---MCM---7
  • Stream-Asia-2015---streamersx
  • Stream-Asia-2015---Streamers12
  • Stream-Asia-2015----poolside-supper2
  • StreamAsia2015---Party---Poolside3
  • StreamAsia2015---Party---Poolside2
  • StreamAsia2015---Party---Poolside
  • Stream-Asia-2015---supper-poolside-2
  • StreamAsia2015---poolparty
  • StreamAsia2015---Party---pool
  • StreamAsia2015---Pool-party
  • StreamAsia2015---Party---Pool-at-night

Stream Asia 2015: All work and no play? Not at our unconference.

Fun and games make great friendships, and colleagues, and business! Streamers this year were brainstorming whilst modelling, painting, doodling, cooking, singing, dancing and more… Read more…

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