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It’s nearly Stream Global 2015


Twitter. An amazing force driving and dividing public opinion, is so much a part of the fabric of modern conversation that we can now (almost) no longer imagine life without it. With nearly 6,000 tweets sent per second by over 300 million active users, 140 characters really matter.

Stream and so many other events large or small, thrive on the life Twitter brings to them, before during and after the show. So, can you believe, when Stream first launched in 2007,  Twitter was barely a year old? And was barely known, with just a few slightly baffled, experimental, but excited followers – ‘just setting up my twttr’ anyone? Now Twitter has enabled the democratisation of customer complaints, but given away the plot/ending of every great show you haven’t seen yet; utterly changed the way news is reported and opened our eyes and minds to closed states and systems. Such is the pace of the digital revolution.

No matter what you think about it, Twitter is here to stay.

So, as we prepare for WPP Stream Global 2015, we look forward to hearing about the next big digital things – will they fly or fail – what seemingly small thing will become the utility of the future?

Whatever happens, you’ll hear it first at Stream.

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D:2 H&K – What is creativity in 2015?

This year’s H&K D:2 conference featured a stunning line-up and some great insights. We were delighted to be invited once again to participate in the debate about what creativity means for us in 2015.

Sir Martin Sorrell opened with his birds-eye view of the landscape of creativity in the global market. In this climate he remained clear that investment in creativity is essential to long-term brand growth. Many investors are thinking short-term and missing out on the benefits. Local brands are winning the turf war for awareness, as they are responsive and dynamic in investing in creative. Crucially, in Sorrell’s view, the nature of creativity has changed and can only be utilised with power in the context of tech, data and content. This necessitates collaboration between disciplines, such as occurs between WPP agencies. Collaboration harnesses creativity, which makes for more powerful impact and greater success.

Agenda highlights included an energetic and rousing call to defend us from ‘Anti-Creativity‘. As ever, Alex Jenkins of @contagious was on amusing and witty form, railing against the tyranny of the risk-averse client and the “make the logo bigger” culture within some big organisations. Sam Baker, founder of the ThePool - an exciting new site of curated content for women who are ‘too busy to browse‘ – explained how they produce interesting and inspiring original content on everything from people to politics. She was a breath of editorially well-informed fresh air; the responsiveness and clear drive towards quality engagement of ThePool is winning a loyal readership, as well as respect from high profile brand partners who may otherwise be tempted by the sugar-hit, low-calorie fuel of banner ads.

We were all moved and impressed by the wonderful presentation by Tanya Joseph of Sport England on her award-winning “This Girl Can” campaign, testifying to the viral power of a true voice in advertising and marketing.

We then took a refreshingly honest look at the direction of the music business from the blunt, witty and disarming Fred Bolza VP of Strategy at Sony Music – finding the thread that connects the user with the experience; the art with the audience, needs to be at the heart of the modern music business – as indeed it does with brands.

Phil Thomas CEO of Cannes Lions gave a convincing presentation charting the dominance of the Lions as a standard bearer for quality and excellence in creative execution. We at be-good are so proud of our work at Cannes – it was wonderful to see so many of our guests featured in Phil’s films and invigorating to see that Lions celebrates our core values of DISRUPTION and PRODUCTIVITY in the creative field.


Stream@Cannes 2015

Sir Martin Sorrell and guests braved high seas at Cannes this year. The mistral threatened to sweep the debate at Stream away from the beautiful Isle St Honorat, back to the baking Croisette and the noise of brands and agencies competing for attention. Never fear! be-good were able to relocate our departure point from the jetty to a more stable quay and work with our ground agents to increase boats and make slower passage over the waves to our venue for speakers and global business leaders. There were certainly adventures – some found their sea legs were a little wobbly, but the arrival at La Tonnelle and the welcoming staff soothed and relaxed guests. Read more…


YouTube Create at Cannes Lions 2015

The Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival was, for the 62nd time, simmering in the hot Riviera sun and surrounded by all the noise of competing brand activities. be-good were once again thrilled to whisk special guests away to the Island of St Marguerite for a truly inspiring day with YouTube Create. Read more…

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Who is the Digital Creative animal? Observations from be-good at Ignite…

On 23rd July the PRCA Digital Group will be hosting another evening of Ignite talks on Digital Creativity, featuring some of London’s best raconteurs. Sarah, be-good CEO, will be discussing Digital Creatives, their behaviour, attributes and how we can all learn from them.

Read more…


Great feedback from our WPP Stream event at Cannes Lions…

“…my favourite event of the Cannes Lions week”  “The best Cannes Lion learning experience”   Jonathan Mildenhall, AirBNB

Read more…

Indie band Walk the Moon played at the Microsoft party

Cannes Lions 2015 – Sarah’s daily blog for Event magazine.

Disruption in More Ways Than One 

Day three of my Cannes experience raised some unexpected encounters… more fun, creativity and inspiration – and a little disruption of the not so inspiring kind.

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Cannes Lions 2015 – Sarah’s daily blog for Event magazine.

Activation and Participation at the Lions

A calmer sea and welcome cool breeze greeted early risers in Cannes this morning. The Lions are no doubt enjoying morning coffee whilst reflecting on the many stunning events hosted in Cannes last night.

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Cannes Lions 2015 – Sarah’s daily blog for Event Magazine

The personal experience comes out on top at Cannes

In a crowd of thousands, it’s still the personal experience that comes out on top, says Sarah Baldock, CEO and founder of be-good, who is blogging live from Cannes Lions this week for Event.

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