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Disruptive live events that spark spontaneity + promote participation

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Designed to engage

We inspire innovation + action

Our energising, democratic events let creativity flourish and ideas grow. We transform events from a series of monologues into enriching dialogue, inspiring innovation and action. People share unexpected insights and explore new possibilities. Immersed in democratic disruption, they break the mould and put things back together in a form that fits the future.

Feed me

“First of its kind opportunity”

Future of the Art Market UK 2019
“First of its kind opportunity”

‘Soho House-style vibe with thoughtful panel discussions’

WPP Cannes Lions
‘Soho House-style vibe with thoughtful panel discussions’

“One of the world’s best tech conferences”

WPP Stream
“One of the world’s best tech conferences”
Mark Read, WPP

The WPP Beach was home to what Campaign called a “stunning installation” based on the new WPP logo. Colourful, multi-faceted and constantly in motion, the eight foot-high sculpture was also built to withstand winds of up to 100mph. As a metaphor for our company, that’s hard to beat.

Neil Hadley, Softbank

"Thank you for all your help with our All Partners Offsite... the feedback has been very positive and everything went really smoothly.  That only comes from hard work, experience and robust preparation, thank you."

Chief of Staff, Softbank
Félicie Roger

“A truly amazing Stream Experience. I was very impressed and had a fantastic time. I loved the format of the event, met so many inspiring people, had great discussions, and much of fun. It's hard to find words to describe it as it's really quite unique”

Ravi Amaratunga Hitchcock, We are Pi

“I have been to countless film festivals, conferences, workshops, art fairs and summits over the years in many countries, and I have to say what you have built and curated is very special. The vibe, mix of people and general philosophy and environment made for some real break throughs and light bulb moments for me personally. Would love to come back if you’ll have me”

Head of Pi Studios
Paul Szumilewicz, HSBC

“1. THANK YOU …. I had high hopes for Stream but these were surpassed by the last 2 days …. A truly terrific event, fantastic concept, and I leave having been provoked, disrupted and immersed 2. WELL DONE … the event felt flexible but well structured, everything about it was adult to adult (different to most conferences), and oh how slick you guys are in the delivery. Kudos. Real kudos. I had a chance to speak to Mark Read and told him the same. We also have a follow up which is good. 3.  RETURN … I don’t know how it works but I want to come back next year”

Global Head of Digital Channel Operations, HSBC
Jim Prior, Global CEO – Superunion

"be-good ought to rebrand as Be Outstandingly Brilliant as that is exactly what they were for us. Superbly creative, professional and a delight to work with and gave us a major global launch event that will live in the memory for a very long time.”

Global CEO - Superunion
Cal Austin, Pfizer

Exceeded high expectations. Thanks for all the work that went into making everything easy!

Pfizer - Regional Director
Scott Lyons, Ford

An inspirational event that cuts across industries.

Ford, Connected Vehicle & Services Organisation
Joshua Spanier, Google

The best event I have been to in an age

Senior Marketing Director, GOOGLE
Jan Harley, Unilever Ventures

I really enjoyed everything about Stream. The team created a magical atmosphere in which to learn and share. Thank you! (and well done!).

Unilever Ventures

Our clients