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We are here to empower human expression and champion our potential. We bring participants together to share hopes and ideas; in writing, over webcast, broadcast or even gathered in a group once more, with clean hands and joyful hearts.

challenging times

Designed to engage

We produce live experiences

We design and produce immersive virtual and face to face experiences that harness the power of human ideas and expression.

We make creativity flourish and ideas grow, transforming the corporate monologue into enriching dialogues.

We foster communities and inspire innovation and action. Participants share insights and explore new possibilities, they are empowered to break the mould and put things back together in a form that fits the future.

Creativity and theatre stagecraft flows through every experience we curate. In any space we design, physical or virtual, we spark participation and bring people together to do more than just listen.

Feed me

“Reconnecting isolated teams – virtually”

LinkedIn Virtual Offsite
“Reconnecting isolated teams – virtually”

“The best session I have attended yet on COVID.”

Doctors Update
“The best session I have attended yet on COVID.”

“First of its kind opportunity”

Future of the Art Market UK 2019
“First of its kind opportunity”
Mary-Alice Stack, Chief Executive, Creative United

Thank you your time, know-how, energy and enthusiasm last week for our #FOTAMUK Unconference. We’ve had such amazing feedback from our guests, partners and supporters. Everyone has said what a brilliant time they had, and what a refreshing, energizing and effective format to have chosen. I could not be happier with how things went, and am hugely grateful to you for helping make it such as success.

Chief Executive, Creative United
Rowly Bourne

I could spend all day gushing about how great it was. In my view is that this is the best event I have been to in adtech (and I run my own events).

Logan Moore, Adobe

It was a fabulous event and both sides of our business found it immensely useful - building new relationships and further developing others.

Alexis Parisi, SNAP

You create magic with Stream and I am so appreciative to have been a part of it. You and your team cultivate an environment that brings out creativity and manifests ideas and bonds that are going to live on.

Lizzy Burton, Google

You absolutely smashed it. Thank you all for your hospitality! As a first time Stream participant, the event exceeded all my expectations - a great way for clients, friends & partners to connect in a seriously effective and down-to-do earth manner.

Katherine Ellis, Microsoft

As a STREAM ‘first-timer’, I was absolutely awestruck as to how the event plays out live. Having heard so much great feedback from the Microsoft Team and others and having watched closely how you run this event on the back-end, I was even more blown away with how it plays out in real time. The format is just phenomenal and I have taken home some incredible ideas of what I can do to make our owned internal events more dynamic. Each and every person I interacted with was so interesting to talk to and it really did feel like one big family gathering.

Tom Adeyool

The relaxed, uninhibited and open vibe is a testament to you and how you choose to run the event. That's the money can't buy factor that makes it a success and elicits the effusive plaudits you deserve. Stream is the antidote to the rat-race treadmill of ROI focused glazed-eyed events that predominate the conference scene


I just wanted to say thank you sooooo much (with 5 chickens on for having me at Stream this year. You and your team were incredibly accommodating and literally everything was perfect! It's not often that I work with brands and companies and every piece of the puzzle works out smoothly, but for this, it was. The room to the transportation to the food diets to the overall accessibility of the venue was on point. Huge huge huge kudos to you and the team again.

Sitting Pretty
Mark Read, WPP

The WPP Beach was home to what Campaign called a “stunning installation” based on the new WPP logo. Colourful, multi-faceted and constantly in motion, the eight foot-high sculpture was also built to withstand winds of up to 100mph. As a metaphor for our company, that’s hard to beat.

Félicie Roger

“A truly amazing Stream Experience. I was very impressed and had a fantastic time. I loved the format of the event, met so many inspiring people, had great discussions, and much of fun. It's hard to find words to describe it as it's really quite unique”


Our clients