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Our energising, democratic events let creativity flourish and ideas grow. We transform events from a series of monologues into enriching dialogue, inspiring innovation and action. People share unexpected insights and explore new possibilities. Immersed in democratic disruption, they break the mould and put things back together in a form that fits the future.

“Future creativity: turning data into art.”

Tate Modern #Hackthespace.
“Future creativity: turning data into art.”

“One of the world’s best tech conferences.”

WPP Stream Global & Asia.
“One of the world’s best tech conferences.”

‘The Bilderberg of Advertising’

WPP Stream Cannes Lions
‘The  Bilderberg of Advertising’
Jennifer Lee Sr. Event Marketing Manager at The Trade Desk, Inc.

Once again, you have absolutely knocked it out of the park and held an inspiring event.

The Trade Desk, Inc.
Claire Ransom, Wizzbox

The real emphasis of the event was on the magic that happens in the offline world. The event was all about social, human interaction; the random conversations, the serendipitous ideas that are sparked when talking about concepts you don’t usually get to focus on. It was about approaching work as a playground.

Paul Evans

Stream is the only conference I'll attend in the future. Great people and debate. Thanks to everyone who made the last 3 days an extraordinary success.

Head of Global Media, Vodafone
Paul Evans

Stream will be in my heart forever!

CEO, Y&R Russia
Uri Baruchin

Stream was everything I was told it will be and more. An absolute thrill-ride and flawlessly organised. Thanks everyone

Head of Strategy, The Partners
Tunc Berkman

This was a great experience and perfect 3 days with good memories. Thank you all the Streamers and team.

Chief Marketing Officer, Vestel Ticaret
Ashley Holloway

Thanks for the great fun, insight and friendship.

Innovation Leader & Writer/Director, SpearHead Media
Robert Lang

Just imagine what goes on behind the scenes to make three days’ worth of around 10 sessions per hour look effortless. As a participant you have the impression that everything flows together so easily, so you can relax from the beginning. Here I’d like to draw the parallel between Stream and ballet: What makes ballet look effortless and graceful is the result of countless hours of blood, sweat and tears that go into the finished performance. Stream requires an amazing amount of very hard work and dedication from a lot of people so that we, as participants, can enjoy a sensational relaxed weekend of great performance!

Yasir Khokhar

The conference is like a startup or summer camp — and those are two experiences that are highly correlated with inventive thinking. 

Yasir Khokhar

Stimulating, refreshing, energizing, connecting… great stuff!!


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