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People have shared wonderful words about our work

Mary-Alice Stack, Chief Executive, Creative United

Thank you your time, know-how, energy and enthusiasm last week for our #FOTAMUK Unconference. We’ve had such amazing feedback from our guests, partners and supporters. Everyone has said what a brilliant time they had, and what a refreshing, energizing and effective format to have chosen. I could not be happier with how things went, and am hugely grateful to you for helping make it such as success.

Chief Executive, Creative United
Rowly Bourne

I could spend all day gushing about how great it was. In my view is that this is the best event I have been to in adtech (and I run my own events).

Logan Moore, Adobe

It was a fabulous event and both sides of our business found it immensely useful - building new relationships and further developing others.

Alexis Parisi, SNAP

You create magic with Stream and I am so appreciative to have been a part of it. You and your team cultivate an environment that brings out creativity and manifests ideas and bonds that are going to live on.

Lizzy Burton, Google

You absolutely smashed it. Thank you all for your hospitality! As a first time Stream participant, the event exceeded all my expectations - a great way for clients, friends & partners to connect in a seriously effective and down-to-do earth manner.

Katherine Ellis, Microsoft

As a STREAM ‘first-timer’, I was absolutely awestruck as to how the event plays out live. Having heard so much great feedback from the Microsoft Team and others and having watched closely how you run this event on the back-end, I was even more blown away with how it plays out in real time. The format is just phenomenal and I have taken home some incredible ideas of what I can do to make our owned internal events more dynamic. Each and every person I interacted with was so interesting to talk to and it really did feel like one big family gathering.

Tom Adeyool

The relaxed, uninhibited and open vibe is a testament to you and how you choose to run the event. That's the money can't buy factor that makes it a success and elicits the effusive plaudits you deserve. Stream is the antidote to the rat-race treadmill of ROI focused glazed-eyed events that predominate the conference scene


I just wanted to say thank you sooooo much (with 5 chickens on for having me at Stream this year. You and your team were incredibly accommodating and literally everything was perfect! It's not often that I work with brands and companies and every piece of the puzzle works out smoothly, but for this, it was. The room to the transportation to the food diets to the overall accessibility of the venue was on point. Huge huge huge kudos to you and the team again.

Sitting Pretty
Mark Read, WPP

The WPP Beach was home to what Campaign called a “stunning installation” based on the new WPP logo. Colourful, multi-faceted and constantly in motion, the eight foot-high sculpture was also built to withstand winds of up to 100mph. As a metaphor for our company, that’s hard to beat.

Félicie Roger

“A truly amazing Stream Experience. I was very impressed and had a fantastic time. I loved the format of the event, met so many inspiring people, had great discussions, and much of fun. It's hard to find words to describe it as it's really quite unique”

Ravi Amaratunga Hitchcock, We are Pi

“I have been to countless film festivals, conferences, workshops, art fairs and summits over the years in many countries, and I have to say what you have built and curated is very special. The vibe, mix of people and general philosophy and environment made for some real break throughs and light bulb moments for me personally. Would love to come back if you’ll have me”

Head of Pi Studios
Paul Szumilewicz, HSBC

“1. THANK YOU …. I had high hopes for Stream but these were surpassed by the last 2 days …. A truly terrific event, fantastic concept, and I leave having been provoked, disrupted and immersed 2. WELL DONE … the event felt flexible but well structured, everything about it was adult to adult (different to most conferences), and oh how slick you guys are in the delivery. Kudos. Real kudos. I had a chance to speak to Mark Read and told him the same. We also have a follow up which is good. 3.  RETURN … I don’t know how it works but I want to come back next year”

Global Head of Digital Channel Operations, HSBC
Jim Prior, Global CEO – Superunion

"be-good ought to rebrand as Be Outstandingly Brilliant as that is exactly what they were for us. Superbly creative, professional and a delight to work with and gave us a major global launch event that will live in the memory for a very long time.”

Global CEO - Superunion
Cal Austin, Pfizer

Exceeded high expectations. Thanks for all the work that went into making everything easy!

Pfizer - Regional Director
Scott Lyons, Ford

An inspirational event that cuts across industries.

Ford, Connected Vehicle & Services Organisation
Joshua Spanier, Google

The best event I have been to in an age

Senior Marketing Director, GOOGLE
Jan Harley, Unilever Ventures

I really enjoyed everything about Stream. The team created a magical atmosphere in which to learn and share. Thank you! (and well done!).

Unilever Ventures
Ros King, Lloyds Banking Group

A highly engaging and stimulating couple of days. It felt very relaxed and informal, but I know that a huge amount of work and attention to detail must have gone into making it feel so effortless. For me the biggest achievement is the culture that you manage to create; fearless, intelligent, friendly, high-energy and yet always respectful.

Lloyds Banking Group
Jennifer Lee

Once again, you have absolutely knocked it out of the park and held an inspiring event.

The Trade Desk, Inc.
Claire Ransom, Wizzbox

The real emphasis of the event was on the magic that happens in the offline world. The event was all about social, human interaction; the random conversations, the serendipitous ideas that are sparked when talking about concepts you don’t usually get to focus on. It was about approaching work as a playground.

Paul Evans

Stream is the only conference I'll attend in the future. Great people and debate. Thanks to everyone who made the last 3 days an extraordinary success.

Head of Global Media, Vodafone

Stream will be in my heart forever!

CEO, Y&R Russia
Uri Baruchin

Stream was everything I was told it will be and more. An absolute thrill-ride and flawlessly organised. Thanks everyone

Head of Strategy, The Partners
Tunc Berkman

This was a great experience and perfect 3 days with good memories. Thank you all the Streamers and team.

Chief Marketing Officer, Vestel Ticaret
Ashley Holloway

Thanks for the great fun, insight and friendship.

Innovation Leader & Writer/Director, SpearHead Media
Robert Lang

Just imagine what goes on behind the scenes to make three days’ worth of around 10 sessions per hour look effortless. As a participant you have the impression that everything flows together so easily, so you can relax from the beginning. Here I’d like to draw the parallel between Stream and ballet: What makes ballet look effortless and graceful is the result of countless hours of blood, sweat and tears that go into the finished performance. Stream requires an amazing amount of very hard work and dedication from a lot of people so that we, as participants, can enjoy a sensational relaxed weekend of great performance!

Yasir Khokhar

The conference is like a startup or summer camp — and those are two experiences that are highly correlated with inventive thinking. 

Laurent Chastain

Stimulating, refreshing, energizing, connecting… great stuff!!

Joellen Perry

A stimulating, invigorating, challenging adventure!

Richard Brooke

Great event, inspiring, educational and fun!

Daniel Fisher

Inspiring, valuable, break from the mundane

Daniel Epailly

Well-organised, never-seen-before, chaotic knowledge transfer!

Dounia Baha, Lenovo

What a great concept! Engaging, original and very insightful : )

Keiichi Matsuda

Fun, varied, challenging, communal and affirming.

Keiichi Matsuda
Joe Wykes

What a conference should be.

Giovanna Loi

Simply the best event I've ever been to!


Marvellous, humorous, motivating, creative and well-organised!

Leroy Merlin
Nicola Bamford

Liberating, challenging, fun, collaborative and brilliantly organised!

Claire Ransom

The real emphasis of the event was on the magic that happens in the offline world. The event was all about social, human interaction; the random conversations, the serendipitous ideas that are sparked when talking about concepts you don’t usually get to focus on. It was about approaching work as a playground.


Such an unexpected ad amazing experience - THANK YOU.

Co-Founder & Chief Experience officer, Fluid Inc.
Zaid Al Qassab

Entertaining, informative, inspirational, enjoyable, mind-opening

 Scot McLernon

Timely, enlightening, thoughtful, different and relevant

Brent Hoberman

Intimate, select, smart, premium blend

Founders Forum
Kathryn Strong

A highly enjoyable day; hot talent equals lively discussion

Anna Bateson

Escapist networking with quality content

Ali Dib

The premier event at Cannes

Jon Steinberg

Stream has been integral to my education in this business

The Mail Online
Keith Weed

Inspiring content, intimate, interesting people

CMO, Unilever
Rob Norman

…be-good are good, not just for what they do, but how they do it.

Amy Brown

What a weekend, I had an amazing time and I wanted to thank you from the heart for allowing me to take part. The tone you set for the event is apparent even from the airport in London, when fellow Streamers start to make introductions before we board the plane. Within 5 minutes of picking up my badge on arrival, I was signed up to help with a talk, singing Beatles tunes and feeling well and truly part of things. It is very hard for me to go to events where I am not working! I am actually quite shy and it's easier to hide behind work. But at this event, I couldn't have felt more at ease. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. The content was interesting and truly discussion led, and the social elements were unforgettable. So thank you so much, I learned a tremendous amount and think what you've created is very special indeed.

Head of Events Google EMEA 
Ella Kieran

I am so aware of the generosity, love and kindness you bake in to everything we do. I wish I could bottle it because it is the stuff that makes life worth living. I can't wait to carry on working with you….

Director of Stream
Rory Sutherland

The Stream events organised by be-good are magically different from almost all other conferences I attend.

Vice Chairman, Ogilvy Group UK
Anna Bateson

Escapist networking with quality content

Tim Berners-Lee

Artists wake us up to all that happens in the world, The Space can make that happen on the web.

Inventor of the World Wide Web. Co-founder, Open Data Institute
Ruth Mackenzie

A huge thanks to you and all of your team for such amazing work. You are absolutely brilliant - and all of your team were unfailingly helpful, positive, calm, kind, thoughtful, supportive, and incredibly efficient - I am so impressed and so grateful to you all.

Director, London 2012 Cultural Olympiad and Launch Director, The Space
JLL: 2013 Leadership meeting

What a team you make! Thank you both ever so much, once again, for your outstanding management and excellent advice. It is always such fun to work with you both. Jones Lang LaSalle is very lucky to have you supporting so many of its key events.

JLL Leader
Miles Ward

Things created are reflections of their creators, and the events that be-good create reflect the enthusiasm, cleverness and big hearts of the be-good team. Anyone can throw a party, but to create a moment, a real Big Bang where ideas, connections and lasting memories cut through the fog of everyday is an amazing, unique thing. be-good makes it look easy!

Head of Cloud at Google
Coca-Cola Marketing Director

A great feeling of inspiration and willingness to start doing things in a different way

Coca-Cola Marketing Director
Coca-Cola CSE Regional Director

The 3 days out of the ‘normal’ business were highly inspirational and gave us all a lot to think about where we can make a difference for our brand in the future.

Coca-Cola CSE Regional Director
General Motors

Sincere thanks for your support, commitment and sheer hard work in pursuit of a successful show for GM. We very much appreciate your hard work and unwavering enthusiasm. It proved a great recipe for success.

General Motors
British Airways

Thanks so much to you and your team for being fantastic to work with. I was really pleased with both events and you guys are real professionals.

British Airways
Ogilvy Creative Director

Great Concept. Interesting POVs. nice people great organisation and good controversial discussions.

Ogilvy Creative Director
Jonathan Mildenhall

…my favourite event of the Cannes Lions week…The best Cannes Lion learning experience


Nothing like I’ve ever experienced, or I’ll experience again.


Beyond Brilliant.